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We develop effective goal-oriented sites

Web site that perform business tasks

Process automation and sales funnel

Integration of CRM systems into the company's business processes

The full range of services for the productive work of the sales department

Telephony and related digital services

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RYSKA_ mean simple but effectively

Why ryska?

The word "риска" - "dash" in the Ukrainian dictionary has such meanings as an analogue of the word "trait" - that is, characteristic features, which in our opinion is extremely important - because in the age of digital noise it is very important to correctly emphasize the differences.


The literal meaning of the word "риска" - "dash" - each of our projects begins with a large number of dashes, lines, arrows that form schemes and connections. In the end, you can draw a line with accents, or cross out the superfluous, that is, set priorities. Simple, and most importantly clear.


All this ideologically intersects with work on ideas, design, content - and with the solution of complex problems of integrating different systems into one global or designing complex solutions, so for us it is not just sound - but a source of inspiration and embodiment of our vision.


Full range of digital services

Website development, maintenance, optimization and integration of related services

The site today is a digital sales department. And it is much more convenient for customers to visit its pages than physically - they can do it while at home, at work, on the road, on a visit or anywhere else at any time. Therefore, we pay a lot of attention to the user experience and create really effective websites.

Development of technical task, concept and design

Full cycle of software development

Content creation: visual and textual

Web page analytics and optimization

Advertising and SEO promotion

Integration of different systems: crm, web site, chat, telephony, etc.

CRM, telephony and sales funnel

Automation of the sales department, systematization of processes, tools for assessing the quality of KPI staff, fixing the contact base for marketing companies.

Formation of client base

Automation of incoming application processing

Monitoring the quality of work of employees

Digitization of company processes, with a history of events and responsible

Advertising on the Internet and social networks

Advertising that works is an individual solution that is suitable for specific tasks. No universal methods or compromises

Targeted Facebook and Instagram advertising

SEO site promotion

Advertising via aggregator

Google and Youtube ads

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